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Since nineteenth century to the era of Islamic kingdom in Java, the existence of creese keeps continous. Even recently, the way of making creese with its technics can still be seen in some places. The technics are hit and fold that become the special characteristic for creese.  In this technic, iron and pamor are united and being hit into a piece then being hit again and again.

A creese has characteristic below:
- Pesi
- Ganja
- Wilah

pamor is know from the fallen meteor to the earth. In Java, preciselly in the era of Susuhunan Paku Buwana IV, it was found a meteor felt to earth in 1723's J or in 1801 BC. It felt around Prambanan, it was about 50 cm height, 80 cm diameter.

Recently, it is still kept in Surakarta Palace as one of the heritage things of the palace and called "Kanjeng Kyai Pamor" that is used to create creese since the era of Susuhunan Paku Buwana IV to Susuhunan Paku Buwana XI (1939-1945). The experiment of metallurgy to the meteor with spectrophotometer show that there are elements such as nikel, titanium, iron, timbal, and white timah putih or about 94% of iron and 5% element of nikel inside of kanjeng Kyai Pamor.

There are many kinds of meteor:
- meteorit, consists of iron nikel, if hit in a creese turns to grey;
- siderit, only consists of iron, if hit in a creese turns to 'black pamor'
- aerolit, if hit in a creese turns to blur, called 'jalada pamor'

Seen from the process, pamor of creese is devided into:
- pamor Jwalana, pamor that occurs by it self because of the empu's (the creese's maker) ablitity, its varieties are natural eg: pamor Mega Mendhung, pamor Urap-urap and pamor Ngulit Semangka;
- pamor Anukarta, pamor that occurs purposely, planned by the empu eg: pamor Blarak Ngirid, pamor Kenanga Ginubah, pamor Wiji Timun, pamor Untu Walang and pamor Udan Mas.

The use of creese for the people of Java is various. Initially, a creese is a gun for a fight or battle. In this case, a creese is brought as sipat kandel. However, during the moment, a creese is no longer functioned as a gun, but as tosan aji, artefak as the wprk of the maker. As the mixture concept of 'bapa akasa – ibu pertiwi', a creese is believed to have a magical power that can effect its owner. At last, a creese is a part of Javanesse culture as one of part in Javanesse life described in a concept wisma (house), garwa (wife), turangga (horse), kukila (bird) and curiga (creese).

Among the creeses of Yogyakarta palace, one that take the highest place is kangjeng Kyai Ageng Kopek. It can only wear by sultan himself, as the symbol of spiritual and worldly leader. According to tradition, it was created in the era of Demak kingdom and once owned by Sunan Kalijaga. Another creese is Kangjeng Kyai Joko Piturun that is only weared by the crown prince, whereas the Kangjeng Kyai Toyatinaban is a creese weared by Gusti Pangeran Harya Hangabehi, the oldest son of Sultan. The creese of Kangjeng Kyai Purboniat is only allowed to be weared by patih Danureja.


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