Keris Empu Gandring

Keris Empu Gandring is very famous in the history of the establishment of the kingdom Singasari in Malang, the well-known malignant Keris claimed the royal founder, creator, and even the wearer is Ken Arok.Singkat story, the legendary keris is made by a very powerful named Empu Gandring, who then sought to make a very powerful dagger by ken Arok.

After completion of a dagger with a perfect shape and form even has a supernatural ability that is said than keris period. Empu Gandring finish the job making latex keris. But the gloves are not yet completed, Ken Arok came to take the dagger which he had a day and should be taken. Then Ken Arok and last test Keris in stitches the Empu Gandring supposedly he did not keep his word (as sarong keris was not yet completed) the rest is even said to test the ability of the dagger against the supernatural forces keris (the dagger is actually stored in for more functionality). In dying, Empu Gandring issued a curse oath that Keris will ask the victim lives of seven generations of Ken Arok. Until now Keris Empu Gandring has not been found again by anyone.

Keris Empu Gandring is one of magic's most legendary heritage in ancient times to the present

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