Know Tayuh Science Keris

Tayuh Science Keris is a kind of traditional knowledge that is used to determine whether a keris would suit worn or held by a person, or not. This knowledge is particularly useful for increasing the sensitivity of a person so that he can capture the impression of the character of a keris and adjust with the impression of the character of the prospective owners.

For example, a dagger featuring characters hard, stern, not well used by a hard and rough in nature. For such a person should be chosen keris a gentle character, cool.

How to Menayuh
There are various ways to menayuh a keris or spear. On the island of Java and in some other regions, the most is by putting dagger or spear it under the pillow, or directly below the neck, before bed. To be safe, a dagger or spear was first tied a piece of cloth with a holster. In this way the owner or the person him nayuh it hopes to meet with the 'content' dagger in his dreams. However, this does not always work. Sometimes dreams are waiting for does not appear, or if a dream, after waking up oblivious to the contents of his dream.

 If it does not work the first night will usually be repeated the next night, and so on until the dream come to expect it. Keris or spear was deemed fit or match, when the time ditayuh people dream of meeting a baby, boy, girl, or woman, young or old, who said he wants to come, like the adopted son, or want diperistri.

Could be, who meet in a dream as well as a scary creature. A similar dream was interpreted as an indication of the 'content' keris suitable or unsuitable to own.

For the clouds, how to nayuh a dream is often done, well until now. In addition there are many more ways other ways. To me nayuh keris or tosan aji, does not have to be an expert first. Those clouds can, as long as you know how.

In the keris is also known as the so-called kris tayuhan, the keris in making more concerned about luck than beauty till, iron materials selection, and manufacturing prominence. Such Keris usually have the impression wingit, haunted, radiates prestige, and sometimes scary.

Although the terms are not dinomorsatukan beauty, but it is still a beautiful dagger because the author is a master craftsman. Though a master, certainly people who have a high sense of beauty. It is worth noting, heirloom kris-owned palace, both in Yogyakarta and Surakarta, in general, is a type of dagger tayuhan. Kris tayuhan kitchen, usually simple, usually simple, for example, Tilam Upih, starling Wall, and Mahesa Lajer.

Not the kind of kitchen that luxury dagger sort Nagasasra, salira Naga, Naga Kikik, or Singa Barong. In addition, the keris tayuhan generally berpamor tiban. Not a peer prestige. Among enthusiasts and lovers of the keris, keris dagger easy tayuhan not disclosed to others, especially for the purpose of display. Keris tayuhan usually stored in a private room and only taken out of the room if it will be cleaned or diwarangi. 

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