Magical Power of Keris

Traditional bladed weapons are very popular for Java is keris. For the people of Java in particular, is an heirloom kris recognized a certain strength. Physical strength and strength of non-physical. The physical strength of a dagger that is able to withstand compressive load, bending, shock loads, impact loads and torsional loads.

Physical strength is obtained as a dagger made ​​from the material of choice and apply a good heat treatment. The form is a material constituent material of choice these heirlooms mostly came from outer space objects fall to the Earth's surface are called meteorites.

Why did our ancestors first making a keris material selected from the meteor? We all know that the meteor is a good thing it's the sky of stars, planets and satellites that fell to the Earth's surface in the way friction between the air celestial body around it. Friend anehdiduniadotcom the longer it takes to get to the earth meteors will be growing speed, because the speed of a meteor falling directly proportional to the gravitational force of the earth.

As a result of this very high speed resulting friction between surfaces meteor with the surrounding air has increased as well. While the effects of these two items is the emergence of friction is proportional to the temperature rise in the friction it receives.

Friction between the surface of the meteor with the surrounding air so high that the surface of the meteor will burn with increasing temperature. Thus it is precisely when these celestial bodies are used as the basic material for making an heirloom in the form of keris.

strength of a keris is not only from physical strength but there are non-physical force that strengthens the physical strength of a dagger. The physical strength of a keris comes from the strength of the material making up the keris. While physical strength-nan of a keris is not true if the cause is a constituent material treasures though from the sky though. However, more likely the supernatural creatures that nest in dakam heirloom keris.  

Non-physical strength can also be a kris dagger itself can vibrate or if there is a beast that is ready to stab the keris holders. So every keris is believed to have non-physical force certainly do special rituals especially every month of Suro.

Rituals is one of the keris and communication between dimensionless imaginary creatures with intermediaries owner of the keris. So by doing the ritual will actually increase the strength of the non-physical form of an heirloom keris.

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