Keris Taming Sari

In the original owner tell me this dagger is a swordsman or upstream Balang Majapahit empire named Taming Sari. Keris is then swapped out to the commander who has triumphed killed Melaka Taming Sari named Hang Tuah. This transfer of ownership occurs in a war of keris incredible between Hang Tuah and Taming Sari, which was eventually won by Hang Tuah.

According to the story is valid at the time of the incident Melaka empire under the reign of Shah Sultan Muzafar. Sultan is about to marry the daughter of the king of Majapahit. Force has been to Melaka Majapahit together - together with the authorities and the commander Melaka consisting of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu, Hang Kasturi and Hang Lekir.

When addressing the Sultan, the various offerings in sembahkan and Taming sari ask the truth to the king of Majapahit to challenge the commander Melaka play dagger. The challenge accepted by Hang Tuah and Kris war occurred. Both appear to be equally great warrior and manly, but when Hang Tuah Taming Sari tried to stab him with a dagger or it can not be immune.

Hang Tuah then felt that the immunity Taming Sari is attributed to supernatural powers that exist in the keris, Hang Tuah and Kris tried to rob it. When in the battle of the Hang Tuah won the Taming Sari keris.

But is abstinence killing an unarmed enemy and he is given the Taming Sari keris and in the story of Hang Tuah cut Taming Sari victorious stabbed and died. Then the dagger had been awarded to Hang Tuah by the king of Majapahit.

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